BELL Helmets Europe

11/03/2014 - BELL Helmets Europe

BELL Helmets Europe


BELL Helmets Europe - Comeback of a true classic!

From summer 2014 on the BELL helmets BULLITT retro full face helmet and CUSTOM 500 open face helmet will be available in Europe - with street legal ECE!

The full face helmet BULLITT and the open face CUSTOM 500 have their roots in the sixties and seventies. In these years BELL has pioneered a countless number of innovations. The first helmet combining an inner foam liner with an outer composite shell. The first full face helmet. The first adjustable ventilation system. The first fog free shields ... Almost everything that is obligatory in our days for a modern helmet has his origin in an innovation of BELL.

Beside functionality and safety the early BELL-Helmets had also an outstanding and unique design. Consequently, BELL-Helmets are permanent exposures in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

In this tradition the designers of BELL intend to get as close as possible to the former shapes and designs. With the BELL BULLITT (3 shell sizes) and the CUSTOM 500 (with 6 (!) shell sizes) they perfectly match this intention. But this helmets are not simple copies of the former design icons. They were adapted to the actual needs of bikers. They fulfill the highest safety standards (ECE), are lightwighted and guarantee perfect sight and a comfortable fit.

  • We expect the very first shipment of BELL Custom 500 in Europe with ECE at end of July 2014. (previous May/June)
  • The BELL BULLITT is delayed, availability is now announed for beginning of September 2014. (previous July/August)

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BELL - models and prices (changes possible)

1. BULLITT - retro full face helmet, price incl. VAT about 429 €

  • BELL Bullitt TT creme/rot
  • BELL Bullitt matt black
  • BELL Bullitt glossy black
  • BELL Bullitt solid white
  • BELL Bullitt blue flake

2. CUSTOM 500, retro open face helmet, price incl. VAT about 179 €

  • BELL Custom 500 glossy black
  • BELL Custom 500 matt black
  • BELL Custom 500 grey primer
  • BELL Custom 500 vintage white
  • BELL Custom 500 blue flake
  • BELL Custom 500 orange flake
  • BELL Custom 500 brown metallic


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