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Men's Functional Underwear

Functional motorcycle underwear for men

Functional motorcycle underwear for men: Abrasion-resistant kevlar motorcycle long johns and kevlar shirts which can be worn with or without protectors from BOWTEX! The BOWTEX functional motorcyle underwear is made from 55% Dupont™ Kevlar®, 25% Protex-M and 20% cotton. There are added patches on high risk areas made from 100% Dupont™ Kevlar®. The underlayers have pockets for knee, hip as well as for back, shoulder and elbow protectors. The armor can be purchased optionally. The Australian label SAINT offers Kevlar® leggings, Kevlar® shirts and Kevlar® arm gautlets which all contain wool. The kevlar-cotton underwear from BOWTEX and the kevlar-wool underwear from SAINT fits easily under your regular casual clothing. The material keeps you warm in the winter and is still comfortable to wear in the summer beacuse it's breathable.

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SAINT Kevlar Leggings - "Men's Baselayer Legging"

103.00 € *
Normal Price (brutto) 129.00 €
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Delivery ca. 2 days

BOWTEX Kevlar Leggings - "Unisex Yellow"

159.00 € *

Delivery ca. 2 days

BOWTEX Kevlar Leggings - "Unisex Black"

199.00 € *

Delivery ca. 2 days

BOWTEX Kevlar Shirt - "Unisex Yellow"

179.00 € *

Delivery ca. 2 days

BOWTEX Kevlar Shirt - "Unisex Black"

219.00 € *

Delivery ca. 2 days

BELL Men's Longsleeve - "Shield Thermal" - red

49.00 € *
Normal Price (brutto) 69.00 €
You save 29 %

Delivery ca. 2 days

EL SOLITARIO underwear - "Long Johns" - cotton

149.00 € *

Delivery ca. 2 days