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BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE

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Retro Integralhelm mit ECE BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE Material: Fiberglas EPS... mehr

Retro Integralhelm mit ECE

BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE

  • Material: Fiberglas
  • EPS Innenschale und EPS Zwischeneinlage für maximale Sicherheit
  • 3 Helmschalengrößen (XS-S/M-L/XL-XXL)
  • Anti-bakterielles Kunstwildleder-Futter teilweise herausnehmbar & waschbar in Braun
  • Chrom-Keder
  • Integrierte Lautsprechertaschen
  • Transparentes Bubble-Visier mit brauner Lasche & mit Magnetverschluss
  • 4 Belüftungseinlässe an der Stirn, 1 Auslass am Hinterkopf
  • 1 Belüftungseinlass am Kinn
  • BELL-Logo entfernbar
  • Gewicht: 1500 Gramm ~ 50
  • Hersteller: BELL (USA)
  • Modell: Bullitt TT
Helmtyp: Integralhelm
Konformität: ECE
Material: Fiberglas, EPS, Kunstleder
Verschluss: Doppel-D
Farbe: Vintage Weiß, Rot, Mehrfarbig
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Größenangaben zu Artikel "BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE" mehr
Größenangaben zu Artikel "BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE"
XS   54-55 cm 
S =  55-56 cm
M =  57-58 cm
L =  58-59 cm
XL =  60-61 cm
XXL =  62-63 cm
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Kundenbewertungen für "BELL Bullitt - "TT" - ECE"

Gute Verarbeitung, tolles Design, Sehr laut




Good but loud

The style, fit, finish and overall look of the helmet is excellent. The field of vision is better than anything in any other helmet. The wind flow is strong, especially with the bubble visor, so this is a helmet for the hot summer days, not for spring or fall, nor for rainy days. By biggest problem, and why I can only give the helmet three stars is that it is loud. The wind flow is one thing that affects it, of course, but even then, you absolutely need ear plugs to use this for any longer periods than commutes.


Integral-Helm mit super Retro-Optik

Gute Ware, gute Verpackung, Blitzversand !!!
Gerne wieder !!!!!
Aufwendig verarbeitet, super Optik, hochwertige Materialien und perfekte Paßform, teuer aber jeden Euro wert!


großartiger Helm!

Grandios verarbeitet, geniale Optik, hochwertige Materialien und sitzt perfekt, teuer aber jeden Cent wert!


Amazing product

I'm a new rider who loves the looks and feels of cruisers. The problem is that there are very few helmet brands out there that transfer this cruiser look into full face helmets.
The Bell Bullitt is one of the few helmets available that fits perfectly with the cruiser or caferacer style while still going for the protection a full face helmet provides.

This one is my second helmet I ever got so I'm kind of rookie when it came to helmets and their sizes. My first helmet was a large and it felt comfortable. I measured my head and with a +-57.5 CM I decided to order the large. When I first put it on, I shook my head. You know, the usual stuff and it felt a bit too big. So I ordered the medium. It was still too big. I was getting quite desperate because I really wanted this helmet to fit me. The measurements on this site told me the medium should fitted me perfectly. I did some research and found the "official" measurements of Bell on their website. According to the official table, a medium is 58-59 CM and a small is 57 CM. So I ordered the small and figured if it was too small, I could try the different paddings.
Eventually, I got the small helmet and like I thought, the small padding was too small. I switched them out for a moment with the large and medium ones and it was perfect. It didn't move around my head and it didn't hurt. I immediatly ordered the different paddings and returned the other two helmets. 24helmets is very understanding with their return policy which was a pleasant experience.

The leather interior is very comfortable and looks very deluxe. The visor fogs up but there are solutions available for this small problem. It's very easy to remove or replace the visor as well.
I don't have much to say about the air flow because I haven't used it yet during warm weather or at high speeds but from reading other reviews, it does it job well.

If you are looking for a stylish full face helmet for on your cruiser, naked, caferacer or anything inbetween, I truly recommend checking this one out.
It's light and comfortable. Something I haven't said yet but what is worth mentioning, the vision you'll have, is very wide.


excellent quality



Perfect. Fits nice. Sizes are correct therefore is there no problem to order online.

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