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JOHN DOE collection of motorcycle clothing 2020 - now at

The new JOHN DOE collection of motorcycle clothing of the 2020 includes motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle sneakers and accessories. Discover the new range of JOHN DOE motorcycle clothing now at our shop and learn more about all the new alterations.

New JOHN DOE motorcycle jackets for 2020

Neue JOHN DOE Motorradjacken aus der 2020 Kollektion


First of all we'd like to show you the lightweight comfort fit motorcycle jacket "Stand Up Neck 01" made from cotton and XTM®. On the left chest area the digits '01' are embroidered and the banded collar prevents inconvenient air passing by your neck and back area. The other jacket model, 'Stand Up Neck Riding' offers the same functions and safety. It has a different logo embroidered across the chest, which says 'Riding'. The new 'Softshell Jacket 2 in 1' by JOHN DOE differs in three ways: the motorcycle jacket is wind & waterproof and the hood can be detached. This jacket is made from softshell and has a wind stopper membrane. All new motorcycle jackets by JOHN DOE offer pockets for back, shoulder and elbow protectors. The armor is optionally available at our online shop.

JOHN DOE lightweight men's motorcycle jacket - 'Stand Up Neck 01 XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: 100% cotton
    • Inside: 100% XTM®
  • Colour: black
  • Comfort fit
  • Embroidered '01' logo on left chest
  • Standing collar preventing inconvenient airflow
  • Two outer slide-in pockets
  • Optional: pockets for back, shoulder & elbow protectors

JOHN DOE lightweight men's motorcycle jacket - 'Stand Up Neck Riding XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: 100% cotton
    • Inside: 100% XTM®
  • Colour: black
  • Comfort fit
  • Embroidered 'RIDING' logo across chest
  • Light wind protection on neck through standing collar
  • Two slide-in pockets on the outside
  • Optional: ImpacTec back, shoulder & elbow protectors

JOHN DOE Jacket (waterproof & windproof) - 'Softshell Jacket 2 in 1 XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: softshell & wind stopper membrane (wind- & waterproof, breathable)
    • Middle: entirely 100% XTM®
    • Lining: mesh
  • Colour: black
  • Integrated wind stopper membrane against rain and wind
  • Normal fit
  • Detachable hood
  • Laminated YKK zipper
  • Zipper for air regulation underneath armpits
  • Waterproof pockets: two slide-in pockets & sleeve pocket
  • Two inside pockets: one with a zipper & one with Velcro
  • Optional: protector set for back, shoulders & elbows


New JOHN DOE motorcycle pants for 2020

Neue Motorradhosen aus JOHN DOE 2020 Kollektion

 Among the new motorcycle pants from JOHN DOE there are two new models for men - 'Trophy Jeans' and 'Rebel Jeans', each in light grey and dark grey. Both motorcycle pants are water repellent. The outside of these motorcycle pants is manufactured with 97 % cotton and 3 % Lycra®. The inside is made from abrasion-proof and water repellent XTM®. A great innovation are the height adjustable protector pockets on the knees. Pockets for hip protectors are built in too. The 'Trophy Jeans' has a zipper coil on the thighs. The 'Rebel Jeans' has stretch elements on the waistband and above the knees. At our JOHN DOE online shop, you'll find the fitting protectors for your new JOHN DOE pants.

JOHN DOE Motorcycle jeans - 'Rebel Jeans XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: 10,5 Oz. Denim, 97% cotton & 3% Lycra®
    • Inside: 100% XTM®
  • Available in light grey and dark grey
  • NEW: The knee protector pockets are height adjustable
  • YKK zipper
  • The waist is of medium height
  • The thigh to seam area is close fitting, the waist band as well
  • Stretch elements above the knees and inside the waistband 
  • Zipper coil on thighs
  • Optional: hip and knee protectors available

JOHN DOE Motorcycle jeans - 'Trophy Jeans XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: 10,5 Oz. Denim, 97% cotton & 3% Lycra®
    • Inside: 100% XTM®
  • Available colours: light grey and dark grey
  • NEW: Height adjustable knee protector pockets
  • Water repellent function
  • YKK zipper
  • Medium height waist
  • Waistband and thigh to seam area are close fitting
  • Optional: hip and knee protectors at our online shop


New JOHN DOE motorcycle sneakers for 2020

 Neue Motorradschuhe 2020 Kollektion JOHN DOE


The new motorcycle sneakers by JOHN DOE are called "Neo". We think that's quite fitting, since it's part of the 2020 collection by JOHN DOE. The JOHN DOE 'Neo' comes in black or the colour combinations black/ brown and white/ brown, whereby the sole is brown in both cases. The outside of the motorcycle sneakers is made from leather and cotton, the inside is made from the abrasion-proof XTM® in case of a fall. XTM is water repellent. These motorcycle sneakers are breathable. For your feet's protection on impact, reinforcements on the ankles, heels and the frontside of the shoes are integrated. The non-slip sole is oil resistant and absorbs vibrations of the motorcycle. The side zipper allows an easy entry and exit. That's a distinct advantage when it comes to wearing comfort.

JOHN DOE motorcycle sneaker - 'Neo CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: cowhide (1.1 mm) & canvas
    • Inside: 100% XTM® fiber (combination of Kevlar®, Coolmax®, Lycra®, Teflon®)
  • Available in the colour combinations black, black/ brown and white/ brown
  • The motorcycle sneakers have a brown sole, except for the black version
  • Water repellent & breathable
  • Protection reinforcements on heels, ankles & front side
  • Reinforcement/ protection for motorcycle gearshift
  • Water stop flap
  • The non-slip sole absorbs vibrations and is oil resistant
  • Sideways YKK zipper for easy entry and exit


New JOHN DOE motorcycle gloves for 2020


 Neue Motorradhandschuhe aus der 2020 Kollektion von JOHN DOE


The new JOHN DOE motorcycle gloves are labelled 'Durango' and material wise they're a mixture of leather and cotton, fitting the beforementioned JOHN DOE 'Neo' sneakers. The 'cross stripe' leather-design on the backside and the ergonomic fit make these motorcycle gloves flexible while worn. XTM® fibres take care of (abrasion-)protection on the inside of these motorcycle gloves. Furthermore, smartphones & touchscreens can be used wearing these new motorcycle gloves.

JOHN DOE motorcycle gloves - 'Durango XTM CE'

  • Material:
    • Outside: 100% cowhide (1 - 1.1mm) & cotton
    • Inside: 100% XTM® fibre (made from 100% DuPont ™ Kevlar ® Aramid fibre / skin side made from 100% Coolmax ®)
  • Available colours: black, black/ light brown
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Padded and partly perforated fingers 
  • Metal snap button with flap on wrist
  • Smartphones & touchscreen friendly
  • Vintage leather with double stitching
  • JOHN DOE logo on wristband


New JOHN DOE motorcycle sunglasses for 2020

Neue Sonnenbrillen für Motorradfahrer aus der 2020 Kollektion von JOHN DOE

Two new sunglasses for motorcycle riders are part of the JOHN DOE collection 2020. The 'Aviator Matte Black' and the 'Aviator Shiny Gold'. Both glasses frames are made from metal and the visible difference is the frame colour. You can chose from an elegant black and a slightly more noticeable gold. UV radiation up to 400 nanometres is filtered out by both sunglasses. The UV 400 filter protection covers all wavelengths from 100 to 380 nm (UV-A, UV-B & UV-C). Both grey-tinted motorcycle sunglasses are almost unbreakable, scratch-resistant and have an anti-fog coating.

JOHN DOE motorcycle sunglasses - 'Aviator Matte Black' and 'Aviator Shiny Gold'

  • Glasses frames made from metal
  • Colour: black or gold
  • Anti-fog coated, unbreakable & scratch-proof glasses
  • UV-400 filter (blocking UV-A, UV-B and UV-C)


The new JOHN DOE 2020 collection can already be ordered at our online shop! 

You can pre-order the new JOHN DOE 2020 collection right now at our online shop, so that the motorcycle gear arrives in time for the new season. We expect deliveries is March 2020, we're taking your pre-order as of now.

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