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DAINESE D-Air "Smart Jacket" airbag vest for motorcyclists

The DAINESE D-Air Smart Jacket is the airbag for motorcyclists whose airbag technology has long been used successfully in the MotoGP™.

The "Smart Jacket" airbag vest from DAINESE offers the latest standard in safety for motorcyclists. Compared to previously known concepts on the market, this motorcycle airbag does not require a connection to the motorcycle and can be worn comfortably over or under your motorcycle jacket. It offers your back the same impact protection as seven back protectors stacked on top of each other. At the same time it covers a larger surface of the back and also protects the chest area and all vital organs.

This airbag owes its high level of safety to over 25 years of research and testing on the road and on the racetrack. It only activates the shield when it is really necessary, due to a total of seven sensors in the DAINESE D-Air Smart Jacket providing data about 1,000 times per second. The complex algorithm activates the airbag in the event of a drop, slide and collision with an obstacle or vehicle. This also includes a rear-end collision when the motorcycle is stationary as it might happen at an intersection. This additional safety function has so far been unique among airbag systems for motorcyclists. The algorithm was specially developed for use on the road, making the D-Air Smart Jacket unsuitable for use on the racetrack. Racetrack safety places different demands on the algorithm.


As already mentioned, you can wear the DAINESE Smart Jacket over or under your motorcycle clothing. It is ventilated and can be easily folded if you want to stow it away. The D-Air Smart Jacket is suitable for every motorcyclist, regardless of the type of motorcycle and is available in two different versions, for men and women. It is available in six sizes, whereby the selection of the right size also depends on whether you want to wear the airbag vest under or over your jacket.

Before using your Smart Jacket, registration and unlocking must be carried out. As a certified Smart Jacket Premium Center, we can do this as long as you are at the store with us. With the help of the DAINESE D-Air app, customers can of course complete the process themselves, so you can also easily buy the DAINESE D-Air Smart Jacket online.

We summarise: The DAINESE D-Air Smart Jacket offers the protection of the tried-and-tested Dainese D-Air® airbag technology already used in the MotoGP ™ in a versatile vest that is suitable for every motorcycle rider.

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