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DMD - new helmet models and new designs

The Italian manufacturer DMD Helmets is launching a new helmet model for the new 2020 season, the DMD P1, a new helmet series and even more designs for the existing jet and full-face helmets.

Brandnew: DMD P1

The DMD P1 or "Project One" open face helmet with visor is based on the DMD Vintage. The P1 was equipped with a long, foldable visor, which is completely removable. Thanks to a very simple mounting, it can be quickly screwed on and off. As with the DMD Vintage, the helmet shell is extremely compact, made of fiberglass and comes in three different shell sizes. The helmet is available in six different colors:

The DMD "Oro" Series

DMD also presents the new “Oro” line consisting of classic jet helmets and full-face helmets. Only noble and particularly high-quality materials were used for this collection. The helmet shell of all helmets of the "Oro" series consists of carbon aramid fibers, which makes the helmets very light and at the same time safe. The lining is made of leather and Shalimar. Shalimar is a soft fabric with special sweat absorption, which can be a blessing on hot days. All "Oros" are based on the classic DMD models, the SeventyFive and the Vintage. What makes these helmets visually recognizable are the colored accents such as the Oro "Bergamo" and the Oro "Mosca".

 DMD "Oro" SeventyFive (retro cross helmet):


 DMD "Oro" Vintage (open face helmet):

New Designs

The existing DMD retro helmets such as the Vintage, the SeventyFive, the ASR and the Handmade series have received numerous new designs. Here is the list of all new paintwork including the link to the respective helmet:

New Designs DMD "Vintage":

 New Designs DMD "SeventyFive":


Neue Designs DMD "A.S.R.":

Neue Designs DMD "Handmade"




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