100% BARSTOW Goggles

100% BARSTOW Goggles

Vintage motocross goggles by 100 PERCENT (100%), made in USA, model BARSTOW. Goggles specially designed for a combination with a vintage open face helmet or full face helmet. BARSTOW goggles provides a smaller frame and a decent retro style. It fits with all kind of open face helmets from size L and the full face helmet BELL Bullitt. The exchangeable lenses can be inserted into the goggles frame very easily. There is also an option to add "tear off" films over the lens to get a clear view when riding through dirt and dust.

Please note:

  • Barstow goggles should fit with any open face helmet with size L, XL or XXL
  • Barstow goggles do fit perfectly with BELL Bullitt full face, but not with BILTWELL Gringo, DMD Rocket, DMD Racer or PREMIER Trophy.
  • Recommended as goggles for glasses