It is a fact: visors have been fogging up as long as we have been riding motorbikes. People have tried everything in all those years from soap suds to potatoes and even spit, but nothing provided a solution to have a fully fog free shield under the different conditions that a motorbike rider needs to cope with. Until Derek Arnold, an importer of motorbike helmets, had a flash of inspiration. His idea consisted of applying the double shield principle. An insert made of moisture-absorbing material was secured to the shield with pins, which ensured that an 'air-tight chamber' was created. In combination with the very good moisture-absorbing prosperities of the material that was used, this "Pinlock" system guaranteed that a fogged up shield was definitely something of the past. In addition to the high-quality material of the insert, the pins also ensured consumer convenience. The Pinlock pins can be adjusted and, therefore, ensure that PINLOCK Shields can be installed and replaced easily.

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PINLOCK 70 - "AGV X3000" - clear

39.00 *

Delivery ca. 2 days

PINLOCK 120 - "VELDT Mark 1 Short Visor"

35.00 *

Delivery ca. 2 days