BELL Motorcycle Helmets "Limited Edition 2016"

BELL Motorcycle Helmets "Limited Edition 2016"

BELL Motorcycle Helmets "Limited Edition 2016"


BELL Motorcycle Helmets "Limited Edition 2016"

After the new designs of BELL motorcycle helmets have been published at the end of 2015 already, BELL Helmets USA has now launched a new "limited edition" series. Some of the new helmets have been designed in collaboration with well known artists. The new collection of the BELL motorcycle helmets "limited edition" will be available in March 2016. We are happy to take your non-binding pre-orders from now on.

BELL Motorcycle Helmet "Bullitt" Limited Edition:

  • BELL Bullitt "Chemical Candy Blue"
  • BELL Bullitt "Skratch Black Red"
  • BELL Bullitt Carbon "Candy Blue"
  • BELL Bullitt Carbon "Ace Black Jack" black with Union Jack decal

BELL Motorcycle Helmet "Custom 500" Limited Edition:

  • Bell Custom 500 "Ace Cafe Black"
  • BELL Custom 500 "Tagger Flashback"

About the new BELL design collaborations:

Collaborations between motorcycle riding gear manufactureres and artists are a trend. Learn more about the designers involved in the new BELL "limited edition" productline:

  • "Chemical Candy Customs" is a customizer from Texas USA with a passion for 70s custom chopper bikes.
  • "Tagger Designs" is an american airbrush artist who is famous for his moto cross helmet designs.
  • "Skratch's Garage" is an american customizer.
  • The new BELL "Ace Cafe" helmets show the famous decal of the legendary London based Cafe Racer hot spot.
  • Even though he has not participated in the BELL "limited editions" collaborations, ROLAND SANDS (RSD) still plays a major role on BELL designs with his open face helmets "RSD Check it", "RSD Talladega" and "RSD Bomb", as well as with the full face helmet design "RSD Bagger", "RSD Viva" and "RSD Mojo".

Other information about BELL motorcycle helmets:

BELL has changed the homologation labels of the helmets that are available in Europe. Including the production year 2014, all BELL motorcycle helmets had both, the DOT and the ECE homologation. Since 2015, all BELL helmets in Europe have the ECE standard only. ECE is the officially required street legal standard within Europe. Therefore, the change does not affect the European market.

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BELL Bullitt - "Chemical Candy Blue" 2017 - ECE

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