DAVIDA "Speedster" now with ECE

DAVIDA Speedster now with ECE!

DAVIDA Speedster now with ECE!


DAVIDA "Speedster v3" with ECE & DOT

DAVIDA Helmets from England will introduce the new road legal "Speedster v3" with ECE and DOT at Intermot show in Cologne this year. You can now pre order the new DAVIDA "Speedster v3" at! Just send us an email or phone us!


DAVIDA Speedster v3


What's new?

First of all, the DAVIDA "Speedster v3" will now be street legal because of the ECE and DOT homologation. So far only the DAVIDA "Jet" had an ECE approval. The new Speedster-model carries the addition "v3". Weren't we all dying to finally see a road legal DAVIDA Speedster? Yes, we were!

Apart from that, the "Speedster v3" remains the "good old boy" as we know him: same low profile shell in 3 sizes to cover the sizes XS-XXL. Right, that's another innovation: the "Speedster v3" version is now available in size XS! The new "Speedster v3" will also come in all the great paints you know from the old Speedster.


Removable lining

Besides, the liner of the new DAVIDA "Speedster v3" will be removable and replacement liners in black, brown & ZNut brown leather will be available.



You will find more information on the "Speedster V3" in our DAVIDA Speedster V3 Shop shortly.

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