DMD Open Face Helmet - new designs & sizes

DMD Open Face Helmet - new designs & sizes

DMD Open Face Helmet - new designs & sizes


DMD open face helmet - new designs 2016 & changes in sizes

The popular manufacturer DMD Helmets from Italy introduces a lot of new designs in 2016. Besides, the fitting of the helmet size "M" was improved considerably. Explore more about the new DMD open face helmets in our DMD news.


DMD open face helmets - new designs

DMD starts into the new motorcycle season with full throttle. The collection of open face helmets has been extended by new designs. There are many different individual designs to choose from. The names are as funky as the new designs itself like:

  • DMD Vintage "Vida Loca"
  • DMD Vintage "Sticky"
  • DMD Vintage "Electric"
  • DMD Vintage "Road Trip"

Besides, DMD offers new Racer, Rocket and Seventy Five helmet designs.


DMD open face helmet - new fitting of size "M"

Starting in 2016, DMD comes up with an opimized fitting of size "M". Until then, DMD open face helmets came in two shell sized covering sizes XS to M1 and M2 to XL. The different helmet sizes were realized by different inner shells and linings. As a result, DMD open face helmets in sizes XS to M1 are visually very small. The helmet shell for sizes M2 to XL is also relatively small but not smaller or even bigger than many other helmet shells in the same size offered in the shop. And for our customers with "regular M size", DMD often wasn't the right choice since the helmet was either too small or too big.

DMD made the important move to introduce the new DMD open face helmet size M. The sizes M1 and M2 are no longer produced. The new M comes in the small shell size but with thinner liner than the M1 had before. Therefore, the DMD motorcycle helmet in size M is visually very small: as small as size XS and S. However, the new size M is far from being a compromise. It usually fits a "regular size M" very well.

Currently, we have a DMD helmets sale (only sizes M1 and M2). Those designs which already come in the new M size you can order in our shop already.

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