HARRO Motorcycle Clothing "Rennweste & Assen" s...

HARRO Motorcycle Clothing "Rennweste" & "Assen" shop online

HARRO Motorcycle Clothing "Rennweste" & "Assen" shop online


HARRO Motorcycle Clothing "Rennweste" & "Assen" shop online

With HARRO Leathers, a traditional german classic brand for motorcycle clothing returns. HARRO motorcycle clothing made from leather for your classical riding style. Some of the most popular motorcycle outfits of the 70s like HARRO Rennweste or HARRO Assen leather suit are now available again at online shop as well as at the local store in Hamburg. The HARRO "PRO" series is equipped with armor to meet customers expectations for modern safety. HARRO leathers are available both for men and women in many sizes.


HARRO "Rennweste PRO"

The HARRO Rennweste PRO is a true classic piece of motorcycle clothing. It became very popular in the 60s and 70s and not only in Germany but also worldwide. The Rennweste PRO has a rather slim fit cut and comes with a non-removable zipper attached "kidney belt". The red quilted lining has armor pockets for shoulders, ellbows and back. A set of armor is included. If you remove the armor, the jacket makes a great casual leahter jacket.



The HARRO Assen PRO is a classic two-piece leather suit for women and men and is equipped with armor. The HARRO Assen has a plain and elegant style and matches perfectly with your classic bike. The lining is made from mesh. If you consider to wear just the Assen PRO jacket without the pants, we do recommend the optional zipper attachment as the cut of this jacket is rather short (which is usual for two-piece suits). Besides, with the attachment you have also a kidney belt-like functionality. 

Please note: The HARRO products are rather small to size. We strongly recommend to order one size larger as usual.

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