HEDON Full Face "Heroine" Preview

HEDON Full Face "Heroine" Preview

HEDON Full Face "Heroine" Preview


HEDON Full Face "Heroine" preview

We know HEDON as an established brand for classic open face helmets. HEDON helmets have a small shell, a very good fit and have nice details (like real leather lining, coloured metal applications). Each single HEDON helmet shows a timeless elegance.

Recently announced at INTERMOT show in Cologne and at EICMA show in Milano, HEDON is now going to launch their first full face helmet, which is called the HEDON full face "Heroine". The new model shall be available in the market by May 2017.


New HEDON "Heroine" designs

The following two new HEDON designs are going to be available:

  • HEDON Heroine "Classic", price is about 599 € incl. VAT
  • HEDON Heroine "Racer", price is about 749 € incl. VAT

The Heroine "Classic" is an open full face helmet, which means its has no pre-installed folding visor. You can combine this helmet together with sunglasses, motorcycle goggles or the new HEDON visor-goggles with strap that will also be available soon.

The Heroine "Racer" has basically the same shell and fit like the "Classic", but it is equipped with a flat folding visor which makes motorcycle riding very comfortable. The "Racing Flat Visor" will be available in three different tints. Also, the Heroine "Racer" will have coloured matching shield pods depending on the helmet paint. Same principle as with the HEDON "Epicurist" helmet.

Both helmets have ventilation intakes on forehead.

Hedon Full Face Heroine Classic

Hedon Full Face Heroine Racer

Homologation of HEDON full face

The HEDON full face "Heroine" will have both, the european ECE homologation as well as the american DOT street legal standard.


Available by May 2017.

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