New: ROKKER Jeans "Iron Selvage Raw"

New: ROKKER Jeans "Iron Selvage Raw"

New: ROKKER Jeans "Iron Selvage Raw"


Newly arrived: ROKKER Jeans "Iron Selvage Raw"

New ROKKER Jeans "Iron Selvage Raw" motorcycle jeans now in stock and available at our shop. Read more about details, fit and comfort of this recently launched new ROKKER jeans.


New ROKKER Jeans:

The new ROKKER raw denim jeans stands out with an inside non-abrasive layer made out of schoeller-dynatec fibre and with an exterior raw denim fabric that is blended with 8% of stretch material. This gives you a more comfortable fit.

The ROKKER "Iron Selvage Raw" comes with a button fly and can be equipped with the ROKKER D3O armor for security increase: the protector pockets at hips and knees sit between the two inner layers. The knee protectors can be adjusted in height in order to optimize the security fit.


ROKKER Iron Selvage Raw


Cut and fit:

The ROKKER "Iron Selvage Raw" waistband sits rather directly on the hip bone than above it, the waist is cut low and the fit is straight. Measurements in comparison on size W33 / L 34 pants (ROKKER "Iron Selvage Raw" and ROKKER "Original"): crotch - waist 36,5 / 41,5 cm; femoral width 58 / 64 cm; ankle width 39 / 46 cm.


Seams and metal fittings:

The stitchings are of light brown yarn, partially doubled by white coloured yarn. Waist and button fly are stitched in white colour. In contrast to other ROKKER motorcycle jeans, the hip pockets are not ornated with decorative stitching.

There are no more metal items besides the almost complete covered buttons of the button fly exposed - no metal, no scratches on your gas tank.

The new ROKKER "Iron Selvage Raw" will be sold in a wooden box for what ROKKER is well known for.

The new motorcycle jeans are available in waist sizes W30-W38 and lengthes of L32, 34 and 36.



  • ROKKER jeans "Iron Selvage Raw" is new in 2016
  • Straight fit & button fly
  • Exterior layer: selvage raw denim (92% cotton, 8% stretch)
  • Interior layer: 100% schoeller dynatec, covering pants full outline
  • Non-abraisive, wind resistant & water repellent
  • Internal protector pockets at hips and knees (adjustable position at knees), protectors are optional available
  • No metallic fittings
  • Simple seam-style


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ROKKER Iron Selvage Raw: abrasion-proof men's motorcycle raw denim jeans in blue - shop now at!

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