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JOHN DOE Collection 2021 at

JOHN DOE Collection 2021

The new JOHN DOE range for 2021 makes a big leap towards making more safe motorcycle clothing. All new pieces from the collection reach at least the "AA" and in most cases even "AAA" protection standards. The new motorcycle trousers by JOHN DOE reach the highest protection standards without any exception. Furthermore, these motorcycle pants are monolayer constructions. The overview down below tells you all the characteristic features of the new collection.

Important: understanding the safety standards easily

The protection factor is divided into 6 categories: C, B, A, AA and AAA. Since early 2020 these safety standards for motorcycle clothing were amended for simplifying the understanding. Each letter corresponds to the following European Norms and can be found on the sewn in label inside your motorcycle clothing.

  • C describes impact protection only (EN 17092-2 : 2020)
  • B stands for abrasion protection only (EN 17092-3 : 2020)
  • A combines impact & abrasion protection (EN 17092-4 : 2020)
  • AA and AAA offer a higher level of impact and abrasion protection. (EN 17092-5 : 2020 / EN 17092-6 : 2020)

These factors are indispensable regarding personal protective gear for motorcycle riding. The impact protection is also divided into two groups: Level 1 and Level 2. Understanding the two levels is much easier. The level 2 protectors are thicker, making for a higher rate of impact energy absorption.

Tip: You can find the right level 2 protectors in our online-shop on the product detail page under accessories.

The 2021 collection by JOHN DOE overview

We present to you the new collection in order. At first, motorcycle jackets and upper motorcycle clothing. Next is motorcycle trousers for men and women and last but not least are the JOHN DOE motorcycle boots "Overland". The new motorcycle clothing has level 1 protectors for shoulder, elbow, hip and knees included. View the product videos in our playlist for a quick overview on the looks of the new motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycle jacket for discoverers: the JOHN DOE "Explorer" with AAA

Notice: view the video until the end to see the "Explorer" jacket in olive and camel.

The waxed JOHN DOE jacket "Explorer" reaches the highest abrasion protection standard of "AAA". The new JOHN DOE motorcycle jacket is a two layer construction. The outside layer is made from cotton-twill and the inside is made from XTM-Fiber®. The jacket is available in black, olive and camel. 

New motorcycle shirts for the season: the JOHN DOE "Motoshirt" in yellow and black

The all time popular "Motoshirt" by JOHN DOE gets an abrasion protection rating of "AA" and two new colours are added to the range of JOHN DOE motorcycle shirts. In the video you see the yellow chequered "Motoshirt" by JOHN DOE, followed by a video of the JOHN DOE motorcycle shirt "Denim" in black. The new shirts for motorcycle riding by the brand are two layer constructions as well and made from cotton-twill and XTM-Fiber®.

For the casual look while riding your motorcycle: the JOHN DOE "Hoodie 2.0"

JOHN DOE has revised the motorcycle hoodie and like the aforementioned "Motoshirt" it reaches a "AA" protection rating too. The JOHN DOE "Hoodie 2.0" comes in black and the embedded stretch makes for an easy wearing comfort, even with level 2 protectors.

New single layer motorcycle trousers by JOHN DOE 

The new JOHN DOE motorcycle jeans and cargo pants are made from the newly developed AAA monolayer with XTM-Fiber®. Thus, the motorcycle pants are single layer constructions and almost indistinguishable from regular trousers. Matching the upper motorcycle clothing a blunt casual look of safe motorcycle clothing is achieved. All new motorcycle trousers for men are available in sizes W28/ L32 to W38/ L36. The women trousers by JOHN DOE can be ordered in sizes W28/ L32 to W36/ L34. The JOHN DOE motorcycle pants have an embedded stretch in the material for better wearing comfort.

JOHN DOE cargo pants "Defender Mono" in black, olive or camouflage

 JOHN DOE Cargohose "Defender" in Schwarz, Oliv und Camouflage

On the surface the JOHN DOE "Defender Mono" is a classic cargo pants with zip & snap patch pockets on the left and right side. A popular combination of the JOHN DOE cargo pants models are the motorcycle shirts. Visit our JOHN DOE category shop and find the perfect combination outfit for the coming season. Here, you can view the product video on the JOHN DOE cargo pants "Defender Mono" in olive.

JOHN DOE jeans with 3 fits and different colours

 JOHN DOE Monolayer Jeans

Among the new JOHN DOE monolayer jeans you can choose from 3 models. The JOHN DOE "Taylor Mono" jeans is straight fit. The "Pioneer Mono" and the "Dylan Mono" jeans by JOHN DOE have tighter fits. They come as slim fit and skinny fit, respectively. All new JOHN DOE Mono jeans are classic 5 pocket jeans and have height adjustable protector pockets. On our YouTube channel we show you two video about the new monolayer motorcycle trousers: "Pioneer Mono" video and "Taylor Mono" video.

New women motorcycle jeans: JOHN DOE "Luna Mono" in black or indigo 

The single layer JOHN DOE women motorcycle jeans "Luna Mono" in black or indigo are high waist and slim fit. The new jeans for women motorcycle riders also reach the highest level of abrasion resistance due to the use of AAA monolayer with XTM-Fiber®. The height adjustable protector pockets and embedded stretch material makes a comfortable fit.

A new pair of motorcycle shoes: JOHN DOE motorcycle boots "Overland" in black or brown

JOHN DOE Overland Motorradstiefel

The new motorcycle boots "Overland" by JOHN DOE are made from cowhide leather (1-1.1 mm) and have a XTM-Fiber® layer inside. Knuckles, heels and the front area are reinforced. The integrated water-stop flap hinders rain from entering the boots. The anti-slip sole absorbs vibrations and is oil resistant. With the new "Overland" motorcycle boots JOHN DOE takes a step into breaking new grounds by showing a trekking shoe and boots combination as motorcycle gear.

Pre-order the JOHN DOE collection 2021 now!

The JOHN DOE 2021 collection is available in our online-shop and delivery is expected in March 2021. Get your new JOHN DOE motorcycle clothing gear and order your outfit now in our shop.

The team is looking forward to the 2021 season and wishes you a good journey!

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